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Hugo Bonito - Astrólogo - Creador de la Técnica de Fechas Gemelas

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Hugo Bonito



Hugo Bonito was born in Rosario (Santa Fe, Argentina) the 21 of November 1954 at 23.32.57.


He started his astrology career in December 1977, but at the end of 1987 he decides to dedicate full time to the astrology activity, in those times he used to attend 90 consultants a month, at his office.




Hugo Bonito Tells:

"When, at the beginnings of the year 1991 I have done more than one thousand natal letters, I realized that most of the things that I have read in all oh those years was wrong, that is why I say to my students, that all that time I have lost, they will not lose it since I only teach them those techniques that gave me nothing but good results.

The astrology has a big predictive vulnerability, I remember that in the mid ’91, recording a natal letter I told a consultant that at his 36 years of life he lived a very good moment, considering that Pluto was trine with the sun, the solar revolution with the house 1 in his natal 10, the pro moon in trine with his sun, means no tense aspects in this period. He responded: It was the worst year of my life, when he said the reason I wished I were swallowed by the floor, because his seven year old son died on an accident… I said: I am really sorry. After a couple of seconds that seemed an eternity to me, because I didn’t know what to say or do, I asked him: weren’t you promoted at work? Or didn’t you make an important investment? And he said: both things happened but it still was the worst year of my life. And I made no more comments.

These type of situations are the ones that lead me to discover personal techniques, like Twin Dates and a big amount of concepts that are very different to traditional ones, for example, knowing that the ascendant is not the native, but where he is leading to physically and mentally, so it’s a road, a direction, with its contacts, bounds, identifies his mate’s qualities, etc.

Mistakes, practise and permanent contact with the consultant allowed me discover, prove and understand, among other things, that the ascendant, or the fourth house, or the seventh house, are use to know the activity that the native will have, and that defining his career is not done by the mid heaven , a person with a moon in opposition (1º orbe) to the ascendant will have an activity in costumer service, a Mercury in opposition (1º orbe) to the ascendant, or in opposition to the mid heaven, will have a pedagogy activity, a Neptune in opposition (1º orbe) with the ascendant, or in opposition to the mid heaven is related to health area activities. These oppositions justifies these activities.

My best backup was to get over 9500 natal letters analyzed and filed, this is not an exaggerated number, it’s real because I know the daily rhythm that I should have in this 20 years to reach that amount and I hope I can duplicate it."



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