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Miths and Trues

1) Affinity between signs- interpersonal affinities

This is a subject always treated in graphical media, radios and television programs, where authors and audience are away from reality.

Is not true that two people who have different sings or with the same elements should get along, such as Aries with Leo or Sagittarius, Taurus with Virgo or Capricorn, etc.

Is not true that two people with antagonistic elements should not get along, such as Aries with Leo or Scorpio, etc.

Analysing the affinity between two people, the attraction harmony, permanence, it depends on two elements: Temporal, and the other one, Energetic, both emerge from the birth date; so this can be identify analysing natal letters.

Through the energetic element we can know if two people can be emotionally involved.

Through the temporal element we can know if there is attraction, affinity, love, but once is already late because both or one of them is married, engaged, so the temporal element denies the continuity of that bound.

As you can see, the affinity between people can be detected in a more sophisticated way, than just a simple look on the twin dates to figure out the sign, and solve the dilemma.

How to solve the incognito?

The best technique to discover the continuity of a bound without error possibilities, is using twin dates in both natal letters, and make a comparison between them, this is called Sinastry.

If after this study that I often do, as requested by my consultants, the relationship is definitely over, not even the best wizard of the whole world will ever join them together.

2) Jupiter the big benefactor

Year after year, in astrology’s yearbook, and in some interpretations of personal predictions, it is said:

“This will be your big year”, Jupiter the benefactor travelling through Libra, will give you good times since you are of Gamines (Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius), you will have, good luck, triumph in justice, etc.

The ones that write this never control the trine of Jupiter at its sun, they did not figure out that it’s just a couple of weeks of advantage and that’s it.

This may be an excellent year, but I can assure you that this isn’t just because of the big benefactor, there are other back up elements, many people wait for that year to come and it never does, and many others get very disappointed of Astrology.

3) Pluto and its transmutations

In reunions with colleagues that know about Astrology, if you ask them: What does Pluto generates?, the majority answer would be: TRANSMUTATION.

No offends, but to reflect, I immediately suggested them to think in those neighbours who live on their very same street, or building, or the ones that we often run into with. Then I asked them: How many times have you seen your neighbours transmute? Or ever heard of it?

To every Astrology is very important to erase from our vocabulary all of those things that cannot be applied in real life. Something similar happens with natal letters, where we should erase all technical words that the consultant may not understand, for example: “Your sun in the fourth house in Scorpios in trine with Uranus and Jupiter with Cancer in the first house, generates…. “

4) Natal Letters by Computers

I can’t barely understand, that searching on the internet, there are Astrologist that offer natal letters made by a computer software, this is people that doesn’t care about Astrology, that doesn’t know anything about it and that only make money out of it.

I have nothing against these software, I think they are very useful in a didactic point of view, some of them can be filed as relics, some are excellent because of the quantity and quality of parameters that have. But I feel sorry for the ones that buy this information that this software brings, don’t forget that are general files that after reading all of them you will find contradictions, a real fraud, what it’s missing here is the presence of an Astrologist to make the personal evaluation.


Hugo Bonito.

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