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Mención de Honor - Valencia, Diciembre de 2003

The Golden Triad*

I decided to investigate about this unpublished topic because, so far, there is not any information about it in the Web, and now I would like to share my findings…

Astrology allows us to get away from the bad times, to mentally move and to start enjoying an encouraging future, in this case justified by a triple Universal Configuration l(U.C) formed by the three slowest planets, Uranus sextile Neptune and trine with Pluto, at the same time, Neptune an Pluto sextile each other, with very close Aspects with an orb between 7´- 26´ Arc minutes (less than 01 degree) VERY IMPRESSIVE!!

In order to give it the importance it really has, it is necessary to know that a similar configuration where these three planets participated, with slightly larger orbs, occurred 3.136 years ago (1.124 B.C.). If we support the theory that says that the most distant is stronger than the reiterative, that would mean that by then, Humanity will be living through extremely profound positive changes.

The images found at the end of this note belong to Rosario city, Argentina, the important thing to be observed is the harmony that exists in the distances due to the Uranus, Neptune and Pluto location. Axes are modified according to the place.

This Astronomical spectacle will begin on the 28th of August, 2025 and it will end by the 09th of May, 2028, but its influence will start to be felt gradually 10 years before it occurs.

The influence from these extraordinary links will orient us towards a Technological, Religious, Social and Political revolution and it will probably influence other areas.

We could make some speculations about it that might be erroneous but I discard the fact that there might be some unforseen progress and outcomes.

Balance between spirituality and materialism, emergence of new religious leaders, changes in the Vaticano.

Better distribution of wealth, greater social equality.

Birth of a GOLDEN CHILDREN generation (analogy by the nobility of the material).

Atlantis location and oceanic treasures recovery, extraterrestial contacts?

Findind the way to cure most of the exisiting diseases, including cáncer.

Replacement of combustion vehicles by green energy combustión.

Interspatial business travel, 50% reduction of international air travelling time.

Robotics will continue surprising us with its industrial applications to the domestic service, among others.

Records in edilicias heights, oceanic bridges and roads, shipping technology. 
New ways to local lighting, cities lighted from satellites.
Oil substitution by other kind of energies, new hidroelectric resources.

Participation of decent, intelligent and humanitarian politicians, genuinally focused on social welfare and not interested in their personal welfare. Change of the presidential figure by a group of leaders who will govern by consensus.

Global peace, peace treaties betwee USA and Arab countries, new territorial Independence.

Dissapearance of capitalism and communism, greater democratic balance.

An extensive etc. to keep continuosly providing…

*Free translation from spanish into english was done by Prof. Ms. Consuelo Quiroz – Venezuelan
Astrological Consultant. E-mail:


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